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Merry, merry, merry-go-round,
Go round like a running mill,
Nary, nary, nary a sound
Will be heard when it's standing still.

You find this late 19th century-looking bookmark in an old library book, or a thrift store novel, or your grandmother's attic. It looks weathered, but the instructions on it are still legible. For a laugh, you decide to get your friends together and play the game printed on it – what's the harm, right? 

It's a drizzly autumn night, so you light some candles, get some drinks, and all sit on the floor in your living room, bookmark in the middle. You are the Watcher; your best friend sits opposite you as the Voice. As everyone places two fingers on the bookmark, a cold air settles on the room. For a moment, you feel an unshakeable sense of dread crawling up your neck. You fear you may have just invited an unexpected guest.

The ceiling light above you flickers. 

When your friend starts speaking, her voice is not her own.

Sacrifices is a truth-or-dare style party game for a group of four or more players. No additional materials are needed. 

Supplemental Rule Suggestions:

Decide the First Watcher: Everybody puts two fingers on the bookmark and closes their eyes, then count backwards from five. During this time, players can take their fingers off the bookmark. On "one", everybody opens their eyes. If the groups are split evenly, those who left their fingers on the bookmark repeat the process. Otherwise, the smaller group repeats the process. Repeat until only one player is left. If you are stuck between two players, toss a coin or let them sit opposite as Watcher and Voice.

Until Midnight: Play the game in twelve rounds. Any player can forfeit any sacrifice at any time, but within the twelve rounds, seven sacrifices must be completed. 

Deepest Secret: Instead of using dare-type sacrifices, use truths instead, e.g.: "I will tell everyone about my biggest fear." Remember that you may have to reveal those truths about yourself. 

Sacrifices was made for the Bookmark Game Jam 2020 hosted by Diwata ng Manila

Disclaimer: Sacrifices will not invoke any evil spirits in your home. Any evil spirits you invoke while playing Sacrifices are not caused by the game, and therefore lay outside of the responsibilities of the developer.


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